Seamlessly melding refined and rustic, vintage and contemporary, Sepia has the feel of an instant classic. Stylish without being sleek, the space is warm and inviting, comfortable yet lively. 
        Built from an 1890 print shop, Sepia features memorabilia from the Windy City’s bygone eras. Attention to detail runs throughout Sepia – both in the room and on the plate – from the custom tile Art Nouveau floor to the hand-crafted millwork to the vintage stemware, the easy elegance of the room serves as the perfect backdrop to the inventive American cuisine. 
        Sepia’s product-driven menu showcases the quality and purity of the ingredients, letting both the ingredients and Chef Andrew Zimmerman’s passion for what he does shine through. 
        Our seasonal menu rooted in tradition, showcases pristine natural ingredients, organic and/or sustainable when available. Our pasta, chutneys and jams are all homemade. We support local artisan farmers and proudly encourage craftsmanship and the revival of traditional practices.
        Sepia celebrates tradition – with a modern twist.


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