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Did I Really Say “Land Whisper?”
Riesling is expressively transparent.
This distinct character derives from Riesling’s ability to extract the essence from the place it is grown and articulate it with an unbiased voice. Call it the land whisper or the median of terroir. The Rieslings planted on the red slate slopes of Rheinhessen, Germany taste undeniably different than the ones harvested from the limestone hills in Clare Valley, Australia. The grapes’ high acidity and its finicky growing requirements serve as the connections to transcribe the growing conditions it has received year after year. Believe it if you will.
You can prove (or disprove) my theory from the flight of Rieslings below. It is like getting your palm read or your aura picture taken; it only becomes true when you want it to be. After all, there is no hocus pocus here, just few glasses of wine made from Riesling.
– Arthur Hon, Beverage Director

Flight of Clairvoyance | $25 (tasting pour)

11 Rippon Riesling Mature Vine, Lake Wanaka, Central Otago, New Zealand 17/gls.
Soil Type: Schist & Gravels. | Overlooking the Picturesque Mirror-Like Lake Wanaka.

11 Ettore Germano Riesling Hérzu, Langhe, Piedmont, Italy 17/gls.
Soil Type: Calcareous Silt | 1800 Feet Up on the Southeastern Slope Outside of the Town, Cigliè.

09 Ravines Dry Riesling Argetsinger Vineyard, Finger Lakes, New York 17/gls.
Soil Type: Ancient Glacier Deposit | Temperate & Long Growing Seasons Caused by Seneca Lake

If Elizabeth Gilbert wanted to remember her journey of Italian cuisine by writing Eat Pray Love, then our wine list will definitely lead you to an Italian wine adventure. A dish may be eclipsed without the accompanying wine, but Italian wine can do more than that. Diversity is the theme for Italian wine: noble grapes which can outshine the ballroom; daily grapes which are just as good to drink alone; well-known grapes, which can be a safe choice; and indigenous grapes, when you feel like breaking the rules. If life is a voyage, that there is no need to turn back with Italian wine!
– Jing Bin, Sommelier Intern

10 Le Terrazze, Rosso Conero, Marche (Montepulciano) 60
Montepulciano is a red wine grape varietal that grows wildly in the central Italian region of Marche, along the Adriatic Sea. These dark skinned full bodied wines are meant to be consumed at a young age, and have soft tannins and a deep ruby red color. On the palate, Le Terrazze has bright red fruit flavors with a subtle compliment of oak and a long finish. Pair it with Chef Andrew's Wagyu Bavette, although my Grandma Rossi would grab me by the ear if I didn't say it goes best with her Beef Braciole. Salute!
– Tony Rossi, Server

11 Les Crêtes Torrette, Torrette, Valle d’Asota (Petit Rouge/Mayolet/Tinturier/Cornalin) 69
Calling all wine geeks! Are you looking for something totally unique and equally delicious? Then the Les Crêtes is right up your alley! Don’t be fooled by its darker red color, this wine is surprisingly light bodied, offering aromas of bright cherry and green pepper. The finish is long, with a pop of acidity right before the tannins take over. Definitely drink this wine with red meat or game.
– Ginny Mitchell, Server

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